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A young man looks back from an old body and wonders aloud about what went wrong though life promises nothing - but how could it be so void of anything?

And for 30 years, running from the obvious truth and that is he's still not sure - but before he can find Valhalla he takes up where he left off and that is those wonderous theatrical presentations that swirl in his head and occasionally make production.

Grannie Jada is counseling a pregnant teenager, which in the mid 60's was a life altering circumstance. With many contemplating wire hanger suicidal abortion attempts Grannie is worried.

To compound matters the father has been killed in Viet Nam, the never married mother is the daughter of The Holy Ghost Fire Temple of God In Heaven Universal Methodist Baptist Church " The Righteous and Holy Rev. J.D. Maverick ! ( there is a running joke during the entire play where the actors on every occasion will say the entire title Righteous and ....)

© Herbert V. Reid, Jr. | All Rights Reserved - This is a live acoustic performance of the songs written by Mr. Reid. Performed by Mr. Reid. Please do not copy and distribute as the work is not finished. Producing the most expensive play to ever be staged on Broadway is am ambitious feat - stay tuned. To hear the music on the pages, make sure your speakers are turned on or use a different browser.